Thanks for your support!

Our Board of Directors recently voted to end Tropical Rainforest Coalition. TRC will end conservation activities and operations this year. Our organization is proud of the many accomplishments in conservation and education over the decades since our inception.

Wildtracks, our partner in Belize, was able to recently establish a biological corridor there. TRC was instrumental in achieving that monumental goal. We could not have supported this or other projects without the many donors who have contributed to TRC. A special thanks to the businesses, organizations and individuals that took up our cause, and many who became ongoing supporters, year after year. We cannot forget the many schools that created hand-crafted rainforests in their classrooms and held fundraisers for this cause. We sincerely thank everyone who made donations and supported our conservation efforts.

We are no longer accepting donations, however, there are other reputable rainforest organizations that will continue with conservation, including Wildtracks in Belize. Please consider continued support of other groups that focus on rainforest conservation.

Thank you and farewell!

—Tropical Rainforest Coalition