About Us

TRC is Making a Difference

Tropical Rainforest Coalition (TRC) believes that individuals can make a difference. Looking back, we can say we have. Established in 1991 during World Rainforest Week, TRC is an all-volunteer, 501c3 non-profit organization that has made a significant impact on the preservation of rainforests and indigenous people. TRC builds coalitions between individuals, corporations, businesses, learning institutions and non-governmental organizations seeking to reverse the unsustainable use of the rainforests.

Our mission

To preserve tropical rainforest ecosystems, their indigenous people and cultures at the local level through enabling volunteerism and through community education, and at the international level through technical and financial support for recognized organizations involved in the conservation of tropical rainforests.

Our Accomplishments:

  • Funding and managing land purchase efforts through the Save-an-Acre program and other fundraising projects.
  • Developing low-impact eco-tourism programs that involve indigenous cooperatives.
  • Promoting Environmental Awareness and Education from science and nature education for children of all ages to the coordination of Earth Day and National Rainforest Week events.
  • Maintaining the Tropical Bird Rescue program for mistreated and abandoned birds.

Money Matters: Keeping Our Overhead Low

We often receive inquiries regarding how much TRC spends on administrative and other expenses not directly related to our projects in the neotropics. Although the fraction of our donations varies from year to year, our typical range of overhead varies between 3% and 7%. If you share our same goals, read how you also can help.