How Businesses are Saving the Rainforests

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Since its beginning, TRC, true to its name has found ways to create coalitions of individuals and institutions, schools and businesses to constructively work together to help the cause. To sponsor new conservation project, expand existing projects and ensure the successes of projects yet to materialize, we need financial support. The sad reality is that a nonprofit group cannot survive (much less accomplish its mission) without the monetary resources.

Over the years, TRC has worked with many groups in successful fundraising campaigns. We encourage other planet-conscious businesses and entrepreneurs to take the challenge and bring your ideas and support. Below are just a few campaigns that have been very successful.

Spring 1993

Silicon Valley companies join in their support of Rainforest Expedition ’93, an educational expo sponsored by TRC (formerly Silicon Valley Rainforest Coalition). Corporate sponsors included IBM, Hewlett-Packard and Lockheed. Over 5000 students and teachers attended.

Summer 1994 and Summer 1995

Inmac Corporation (now NEBS Corporation) gives TRC’s T-shirts as a thank you gift for office product customers. Inmac buys T-shirts from TRC. TRC raises tens of thousands of dollars to support Jatun Sacha project in Ecuador.

Earthday 1996

NASA Ames Research Center underwrites TRC’s sponsorship of Earthday. Tens of thousands of dollars raised for Yawa Jee and other projects in Ecuador.

Monta Vista Family Chiropractic

(1996, ongoing) Woman-owned business offers percentage of ergonomic chair sales to TRC. Many thousands of dollars raised to support Xochil Ku project in Belize atSave your Spine/Save the Rainforest Day.

Dream Change Coalition

(1997, ongoing) Fellow nonprofit organization raises funds from commercial utility companies on behalf of TRC. Many thousands raised for Pro-naturaleza programs in Peru.

And of course the many schools, colleges, community organizations, lodges and churches that have hosted bake sales, car washes, concerts, walk-athons and other special events to help raise awareness and funding for the world’s rainforests.

Lexmark Europe

(2000) Lexmark Europe chose TRC as one of its beneficiaries of it’s Lexmark Rainforest Project to increase public awareness. They give contributions to TRC as well as encouraging customers to make personal donations.

As part of their campaign, customers received scratch cards where they have chances to win over 30,000 rainforest related prizes ranging from toy frogs and monkeys to polo shirts, CDs, posters and campaign mouse mats. One customer also will win an all expenses paid holiday for two to Brazil, including a trip to the rainforest.

Businesses have used really innovative approaches to make a difference. One such business, Monta Vista Family Chiropractic Clinic (MVFC), of Cupertino, California, has made an impact not only on itself, but on other organizations as well. It was featured by Apple for its unique use of Airport-networked iMacs throughout the office. Patients’ paper-based files were entirely replaced with an electronic database. This solution has not only increased efficiency for MVFC, but is saving trees as well.

MVFC is saving trees in other ways: owner Dr. Lisa Stein, D.C. and her staff volunteered the use of their clinic and services to perform exams and treatment free of charge for a special Save-your-Spine/Save-the-Rainforest Day fundraiser. This event was a tremendous success. She, her staff (Tracie and Alissa) and her interns (Roxanne and Ben) raised over $4300 for TRC in one day! Dr. Stein donated her clinic’s Chiropractic and X-ray services in exchange for patient donations to TRC. More than 100 persons attended the event held Saturday, March 3, 2001 in her clinic in Cupertino, California. “I’m really pleased with the results and am encouraging fellow health care practitioners to take the challenge and do the same”, said Dr. Stein. Dr. Stein’s philosophy combines the focus on personal health with the health of the planet. Dr. Stein also continues to donate 10% of the profits from the sale of her ergonomic chairs to TRC. This has been a great source of support to TRC’s many projects.

Other health care practitioners in or around San Francisco, California (Bay Area) may contact Dr. Stein for ideas if interested in hosting a fundraiser. Dr. Stein is planning an annual event for TRC. Person’s in the vicinity interested in participating in Dr. Stein’s next event should contact her clinic at 408-255-2592 during business hours (Pacific Time).

TRC looks forward to future Save-your-Spine/Save-the-Rainforest Days.

Thank you Dr. Stein and all who made this possible!