Business Donation FAQ

Find answers to your questions below from businesses that would like to support TRC.

I would like to partner our business with TRC. Can TRC affiliate with us?

Tropical Rainforest Coalition is a non-profit organization. We are unable to be affiliated with any for-profit companies, or endorse the products and services of such companies as that would violate our status as a non-profit organization.

Can I specify TRC as our donor recipient on our own company’s web site?

Yes, but it must be done in a way that avoids misprepresentation. Stating that “A portion of our proceeds go to Tropical Rainforest Coalition” is fine given that it’s true. You cannot, however, say anything like “TRC recommends our products as the best in the world” as that would be an endorsement.

You do not need to mention TRC as a recipient of donations. Stating that “A portion of our proceeds go to rain forest conservation” is fine as long as you are indeed contributing to a conservation group. If TRC is identified as the specific recipient, then a letter of intent must be in place and approved by TRC. These transactions are routinely conducted over the internet.

Will my company be recognized for our contribution?

We are unable to endorse your business or its products for the reasons stated in the previous answers above. However, TRC will gladly recognize businesses and their contributions with the same criteria as it does for schools, organizations, and individuals: contributions over $200 will be listed on our Thank You page. If your business plans to donate this amount or more over a period of time in more than one payment, it will still be recognized on our Thank You page.

Also, we feature “Businesses in the Spotlight” in this Businesses section of our site. Those with creative and memorable methods of fundraising for rainforest conservation are likely candidates to be featured here.

Our company would like to create a conservation campaign for TRC. Where do we start?

You are in the right place. Look at this businesses page for some of the marvelous campaigns and fundraising ideas businesses have used to make a difference. Some ideas include Save-the-Rainforest Day, direct mail pieces, winning a trip to the rain forests, donating stocks and even sponsorship of a land acquisition project. It is only limited by your imagination. TRC can offer limited support in getting you jump-started with your campaign—contact us for assistance.

Does our business need to make any special arrangements to donate to TRC?

You may donate to TRC as any individual, school or organization would: sending us a check or paying via an online credit card transaction. Please specify if you are a business so we may recognize it as such. If you own stock and wish to transfer ownership to TRC, please contact us.