How Individuals Can Help

Individuals can really make a difference

You may know some of the many reasons to save our precious rainforests. Your question may now be, “Can I make a difference?” If Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Abraham Lincoln, or Albert Einstein could change history as individuals, you, as an individual, can equally do so! Whether locally or globally, directly or indirectly, there are many ways you can preserve the rainforests for future generations.

1. Make changes toward a less impactful, sustaining lifestyle

2. Support human rights of indigenous peoples worldwide

3. Do not buy products that cause destruction of the rainforests, but those that encourage sustainability and fair equity to those living in or near them.

4. Donate to organizations that save rainforest acreage

5. Learn more about the rainforests

6. Spread the word to others on the importance of the rainforests

7. Help out or form a local club or social group that supports rainforest preservation

8. Sponsor a school study program educating others about the rainforests

9. Write, email or call your representatives in government

  • Email or write your Representative
  • Email or write your state Senators
  • Email, phone or write the President and Vice President