How Schools Are Saving the Rainforests

Schools have made and can make a difference in preserving the rainforests. The best approach is to raise funds while raising public awareness. In the past, school fundraising projects have truly taken the creative approach to this end: they have ranged from car washes (using eco friendly soaps, of course) to bake sales (using ingredients from sustainable harvest co-ops and importers from the forests), from school concerts and plays to walkathons. One school in Seattle raised many thousands of dollars by a sponsored street cleaning day. A group of about 50 teenagers each had local shops sponsor their clean-up of about 100 miles of streets and parks. The funds raised were donated to our Save-An-Acre Program.

Teachers, please tell us about your fundraising experience. When a fundraising event is completed, supply TRC with a brief write-up of the event and photos for inclusion on the web site. If you receive local press coverage, please send us news clips and photos. TRC will send you a certificate of the donation and the recipient group to which the funds were directed. TRC will also post progress reports on the project as they are made available. If you have a specific nonprofit organization that you would like to have the funds directed to that is not a project of ours, please let us know, so that we may research the group and add it to our project portfolio. All donations to Tropical Rainforest Coalition are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.