Our Rainforest Conservation Projects

Tropical Rainforest Coalition supports several ongoing rainforest conservation projects throughout the world. TRC recognizes that rainforest preservation means more then just buying acres. As a result, TRC funds three different categories of projects to make the most efficient use of your donations. Unless specially requested for specific project by the donor, donations will be allocated to the projects of TRC’s choosing based on many criteria including urgency, accountability, sustainability, and last date of previous funding.

Bermejo, Ecuador

Our latest project, this acquisition is located at the confluence of the Bermejo and San Miguel rivers. The area of 500 hectares (1235 acres) establishes a natural biological corridor between other parts of the existing reserve.

Balam Na, Belize

This reserve is part of a program that links reserves throughout Belize (and, in fact, throughout Central America) to establish a biological corridor for wildlife to easily move from one forest area to another, in an international effort to ensure that biological diversity is maintained.

Past Projects

TRC has actively supported projects in Paraguay, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Ecuador, Peru, Trinidad, Belize and Brazil. Click the links below to see some of our previous projects:

Llushin River Valley, Ecuador

Yawa Jee, Ecuador

Jatun Sacha, Ecuador

Xochil Ku, Belize

Pro-Naturaleza, Peru

Save-a-Turtle, Peru

Paria Springs, Trinidad