Tropical rainforests are the world’s richest and most productive ecosystems, containing half of all living species on the planet. Their value is incalculable. In addition to their sheer beauty, the rainforests are a deterrent against the greenhouse effect, and they contain a genetically rich resource yet virtually untapped wealth of plants whose curative properties could benefit humankind.

The sad reality is that destruction of the rainforests continues at an alarming rate. Throughout the tropics, forests are logged for precious hardwoods. Others are burned to make way for large-scale farming or cattle-raising operations. Tropical rainforests once covered more than 14 percent of the Earth’s land area. They now amount to less than 6 percent. At the current rates of destruction, only a few tattered forests will remain this century. We must act together to stop the destruction and save what is left for future generations.

You can make a difference!

The Save-an-Acre Program is an important way concerned individuals or groups are making a difference. For only $100, you can save one acre of rainforest. Your contribution will fund land acquisition, legal fees and security costs to ensure that the saved acres will be protected as part of a designated land preserve. To commemorate your saved acre, you will receive a certificate documenting the number of acres you helped to protect. All contributions are tax-deductible.

Individuals: Save rainforest acres as a way to make a personal contribution. Or give them to others as holiday or birthday gifts, graduation presents and memorials.

Groups: Saving rainforest acres is a great project for schools, service clubs and professional organizations. Participating groups have raised funds through a variety of projects, including car washes, Earth Day events and community cleanup-a-thons. Creativity is encouraged. Share your great ideas with us!

Donors giving $200. or more will automatically be posted on our Thank You page unless directed not to do so. Please specify whether you are donating as a School, Business, Individual, or ‘In Memoriam’ of someone (you will receive an email contact address after you place your order).

Our criteria

Tropical Rainforest Coalition targets the Save-an-Acre Program to small rainforest preserves that are not currently being funded by larger conservation organizations. Working with the local community, it negotiates substantial land purchases at a low per-acre price.

TRC selects acreage projects based on a number of factors: the likelihood of maintaining the forests in a pristine state, the degree of involvement of the local community, and the ability to preserve a continuous rainforest ecosystem.

TRC has actively supported projects in Paraguay, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Ecuador, Peru, Trinidad and Brazil.

Visit the lands you save

Rainforest supporters can experience first-hand the lands they are helping to protect. TRC provides travel directions to projects supported on our web site. Visit the Projects section of this site for more information.


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