Why You Should Care

The future existence of the tropical rainforests directly affects your future!


Tropical rainforests are integral to a healthy planet and its ability to support life. They regulate earth’s climate, are a deterrent against the greenhouse effect, contain edible food crops and other resources and prevent impoverishment and famine. In every sense, a standing rainforest supplies more economic wealth than if it were cleared away. Yet regardless of their importance, deforestation continues—a football field-sized area of rainforest is lost every second of every day.

Even though the tropical rainforests are in another part of the hemisphere, they play a major role in our everyday lives here in the United States. Rainforests regulate rainfall on a global level which in turn affects global climate. They are the single greatest terrestrial source of oxygen (the air we breath). Rainforests also bring us food, herbs, pharmaceuticals, and many other items that are commonplace in our daily life. Imagine losing the potential cure for cancer or AIDS that may have been found in an undiscovered plant from the rainforest!